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Afrakhteh Financials is the leading privately held Foreign Exchange and Management Solutions company in beautiful British Columbia. Afrakhteh Financials is one of three free trade locations in the south of Iran exchange companies that provide legal proof of the origin of your funds transferred. Mr. Afrakhteh as sole director of the company holds the first fully licensed Currency Exchange in Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone. With right funding and powerful resources, Afrakhteh Financials is able to provide the best competitive rates, unparalleled Customer Service, and reliable advice to our essay writer members.

Our Foreign Exchange center in Chabahar hand in hand with our United Emirates location and Vancouver location creates a strong triangle to assist in providing a safe, tax-free (in Iran) and legal passage for your funds transferred.

Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone is one of three industrial free trade located in the south of Iran enclosed by Oman Sea and the Indian Ocean.

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Afrakhteh Financials & Management Solutions is your number one choice in Western Canada for best and lowest rates, trustworthy service, quickest delivery, and best customer service
Avoid unnecessary fees and high exchange rates at the banks
Travel-friendly notes always accessible

Help you get the visa through our expert immigration consultants

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Thinking about starting your future in Canada?

Afrakhteh Financials has exquisite reputation among immigration consultants and real estate agents, and personalized service assists clients with the biggest decisions of their new life here in Canada.

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Our exceptional team of immigration consultants, real estate agents, and financial services agents will facilitate transfer of your assets and assist you with your settling down.


Familiar face for International students

As international student in Canada which does not have a work permit, Afrakhteh Financials can help you with transfer of your funds on a monthly basis.

Foreign students can convert their currency in person in our locations. Afrakhteh Financials unlike financial institutes, don’t charge any transaction fees.

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School’s tuition and fees can be directly transferred to their accounts directly and hassle free.

Assisting you with all the documents and steps to get approval from reputable schools
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Business and Investment

Thinking about spreading roots in Canada?

Our knowledgeable consultants can assist you finding the best business that suits your needs either to fulfill your immigration needs or thinking about changing your path. we can help you make the best investment options.

Our financial consultants and real estate agents will make sure you get the correct information and vital service to understand and choose the best investments that suit your situation whether its Mutual Funds or choosing the right property.

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Real Estate

Real Estate Agents

Whether you are a first home buyer or a new immigrant from all over the world, our competitive rates allow you significant savings.

Our knowledgeable real estate agents can provide you with comparative market analysis to have sufficient information to know how to tackle real estate market in beautiful British Columbia.

If clients are looking to purchase properties abroad, we can assist in transferring funds safely and legally.

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Funds and Wealth Management

Start with consulting our advisors and end with confidence in your financial future.

Prosper with a well-planned investment portfolio. Top your RRSP, TFSA or review the plans you already have in place to insure your wealth.

Protect your wealth through well thought out and calculated plans to protect your future and the future of your loved ones.

Invest for your future through professionally managed funds.

Learn how to get more out of government of Canada

Our advisors will consider your future goals to help you find a path

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Export & Import

Afrakhteh Financials provides a cost-effective solution for all your export and import needs.

             competitive foreign exchange rates, easy access, and fast transfer, Afrakhteh Financials administer a safe and legal way to settle your accounts with your buyers and sellers.

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Complex Sollutions

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How does your Foreign Exchange company differ from others?

  • Afrakhteh holds the first license to operate a Foreign Currency Exchange in Chabahar Free Zone and operates directly under Markazi Bank with 20,000,000,000 Rial to guarantee the license.

What do you mean by Legal and Illegal funds transfer?

  • Many Currency Exchange Companies do not have any Currency Exchange Companies in Iran or anywhere in the world. As a result of that, they will transfer money through companies unrelated to Exchange and sometimes even parties and personal accounts.There is a high chance that those companies be involved in Money Laundry and Terrorism which put you at risk of future complications with the government of Canada in case of any inquiries.

Would you be providing Origin of Fund receipt?

  • Yes, Absolutely. When you use your Debit card, we will provide you with the receipt from POS machine that shows our Currency Exchange Company’s name which not many Currency Exchange companies provide any kind of receipts.

Is my money safe with you?

  • We are fully registered, licensed and monitored under Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada(FINTRAC) and Markazi Bank of Iran.

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